Google Bard

Google Bard Complete Guide! From its convenient usage to the differences from ChatGPT and Bing chat, this is a thorough explanation!

What is Google Bard? What features does it have?

Google Bard is an interactive AI service with a large-scale language model (LLM) backbone based on natural language processing (NLP) technology. It learns from a huge database and responds to commands entered interactively.

Like other interactive AI, Google Bard can modify and proofread sentences, lyrics, and text, and it can perform a wide variety of sentence-based tasks, from short to long sentences.

Google Bard is comparable to its predecessors, OpenAI's Chat GPT and Microsoft's Bing chat, but the key feature is the language model used.

Google Bard uses PaLM 2, Google's latest large-scale language model (LLM), which is said to be particularly strong in inference, multilingual translation, and coding.

Limitations of Google Bard

Google Bard is still under development, so there are still some functional limitations.

Limitations of Data Sources

Many interactive AI services are based on previously learned data, and Google Bard is currently no different.

Google Bard is currently similar. There are still some limitations in using search data, which is Google's forte, and in some cases, it does not provide answers based on the latest data.

Limitations on languages available

There are also restrictions on the languages that can be used.

As of May 2023, Google Bard can only be used in the following three languages

  • American English
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Accessing past conversation history

It is possible that this one is just not shown in the menu, but Google Bard allows you to delete past conversation history, but not to view it.

In this area, the preceding Chat GPT is more user-friendly.

Differences from Chat GPT and Bing chat

There are three major differences between Chat GPT and Bing chat.

  1. it is "completely free" to use
  2. the number of languages available
  3. real-time

The following is a comparison of Google Bard with the leading interactive AI services in the above points.

Service NameLLMFeeInput LimitTimes Limit
Google BardPaLM 2Free5,000 CharactersNo
Bing ChatGPT-4Free2,000 characters200 turns per day
Chat GPTGPT-3.5Free4,000 charactersCongestion limit
Chat GPT PlusGPT-4$20 per month4,000 charactersPriority during busy times

While all services are the same in that they are free, Google Bard's greatest strength is that it currently has loose restrictions on use. The character limit is 5,000, more than the competition, and there is no limit on the number of questions.

Since Google Bard is a service under development, there is a possibility of "free for a limited time," but it is likely that these restrictions will be determined in the future depending on whether Google Bard will be a traditional advertising revenue model or a billing model.

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