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Coding Assistance AI is a service that helps programmers develop code more efficiently. What changes can be made by using a coding support AI? This section explains what it can do and what you need to keep in mind when using it.

What is Coding Assistance AI?

Coding Assistance AI is a service that programmers can use to develop code more efficiently; by taking advantage of the source code learned by AI, programmers can increase the speed and accuracy of writing programs.

While AI can analyze program code, which other AI services can also do, the Coding Support AI service differs from other AI services in that it carves out functions that optimize AI for programming as a service.

What coding assistance AI can do for you

Code auto-completion

Coding support AIs can understand the code and context of the input and provide appropriate code suggestions. In addition, the latest coding support AIs can automatically write programs by writing conditions in comment-outs.

Used properly, these features can dramatically accelerate the programmer's code entry.

Code Fixing

Coding support AIs can not only write code, but also understand given code. Therefore, a coding assistance AI can automatically detect and correct errors in its own code.

By having the coding assistance AI correct the code, programmers will notice errors sooner and save the time needed to fix them.

Code Quality Improvement/Refactoring

Because the coding assistance AI learns a variety of codes, it can automatically evaluate the quality of a given code and suggest corrections or refactoring.

Refactoring requires programming experience and knowledge, and is a "showcase of a programmer's skills," so to speak, but by using a coding support AI, you can proceed with the refactoring work quickly and gain ideas that you may not have noticed on your own.

Security Analysis

Potential bugs and security holes are a headache for programmers.

Coding Assistance AI can help you evaluate the security of a given program against training data.

This would normally take hours of research and testing, but by using a coding assistance AI that has learned a vast amount of code to evaluate security, you can reduce the number of security holes that you cannot find or overlook by yourself.

What Coding Assistance AI Can't Do

Fully automated programming is not possible.

Coding Assistance AI is a service that provides tools to "assist programmers' input" using AI.

Therefore, coding support AI services do not provide fully automated programming.

Of course, there is a possibility that AI will evolve in the future and AI will provide fully automated programming, but at present we are not at that stage.

"Perfectly correct programming" is not possible.

Coding assistance AI is not a perfect programming service.

It cannot guarantee that it will not "generate 100% bug- and error-free code," nor can it guarantee that the security checks and refactoring suggestions proposed by the coding assistance AI will be correct.

The skills and knowledge of the programmer are essential, as there is a good chance that a coding assistance AI will generate incorrect code or bugs if the programmer who uses it does not have the proper knowledge and use it appropriately.

This is something that coding support AIs cannot do, but it is also something to keep in mind when using coding support AIs.

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