ChatGPT Tutorial: How to Use it for Effective Business Communication

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a type of artificial intelligence that can talk to humans and automatically generate sentences using a technology called natural language processing.

Its greatest feature is its ability to generate natural responses at a level very close to human interaction. For example, it is used in customer support and information provision automation, allowing users to ask questions and make requests in natural language.

Because ChatGPT supports a wide variety of languages, people from all over the world can interact with ChatGPT in their own native language.

Benefits of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a revolutionary technology that enables humans and machines to interact naturally. As a result, ChatGPT can replace tasks that previously required advanced programming, whether performed by humans or computers, with simple conversations.

For example, ChatGPT can be used to answer simple questions in the field of customer support, or to have complex data processed in daily operations, replacing tasks that were previously performed by humans.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT

Although interactive AI has evolved greatly with the advent of ChatGPT, it is still considered to be in its infancy and is not yet capable of completely replacing human tasks.

ChatGPT learns from large amounts of data and has a wealth of knowledge, and can provide information on many topics, but it does not always provide the correct answer. This is the reason why "ChatGPT lies".

Although the accuracy of information has been improved with GPT-4, the accuracy of the answers obtained varies depending on the way the questions are asked, so it is currently necessary for the person who inputs the information to devise a way for ChatGPT to arrive at the correct answer by using questions (prompts) to obtain appropriate answers. The human who inputs the data needs to devise a way to get the correct answer.

ChatGPS Pricing Plans and Billing System

ChatGPT is free to use simply by registering as a member, but there is a "ChatGPT Plus" pricing plan with more advanced features and usage preferences; as of April 2023, ChatGPT Plus is available for $20 per month.

PlansMonthly FeeLanguage ModelFeatures
Free Plan$0GPT-3.5- Basic functions are available
- Access is limited during peak hours.
ChatGPT Plus$20GPT-4Accessible even during peak hours
- Fast response time
- Priority use of new and improved features and functionality

The two major differences between the free plan and the paid plan, ChatGPT Plus, are as follows

  1. difference in the language model used
  2. limitations in response speed and congestion

The most significant difference is the language model. GPT-4 is the latest language model that enables "more accurate and advanced answers," while the free plan uses GPT-3.5 based on GPT-3. However, the latest GPT-4 also has the ability to analyze images.

However, even the latest GPT-4 can give wrong answers if you do not ask appropriate questions without back and forth, but by learning appropriate questions (prompts), it is evolving into a more usable interactive AI.

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