Interactive AI Prompt Builder



Please do the following.

How to use AI Prompt Builder

(1) Specify a role

The AI Prompt Builder provides a list of genres and occupations in advance. By specifying genres and occupations for the prompts, you can make AI behave in a way that improves the accuracy of its answers.

(2) Specify the task

Next, specify the tasks to be performed by the interactive AI. The task here should be simple, as we will specify the situation and conditions later on.

(3) Specify output method

Specify how the interactive AI outputs the work it has performed.

(4) Specify the situation (optional)

Provide situation and background information for the work specified in (2). This is optional, so you can get an answer without specifying it, but giving background information to the interactive AI can bring it closer to the answer you want.

(5) Specify work conditions (optional)

Specify work conditions for the tasks specified in (2). This is also optional, so you can get an answer without specifying it, but it is mainly used to limit the number of characters, delete unnecessary data, and so on.

Copy the prompt and run it on the interactive AI.

Prompts are generated in real time. The generated prompt is copied to the clipboard by clicking the Copy button.

The copied prompt can be used by pasting it into various interactive AIs. Prompts cannot be run directly from this site on interactive AIs.

Disclaimer for using AI Prompt Builder

Prompts provided by AI Prompt Builder are not guaranteed for their accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or suitability.

We are not responsible for any damages caused by the use of the prompts created. We reserve the right to make changes to the AI Prompt Builder at any time without notice.

Use of the site is at the user's own risk.