Generative AI (Generative AI)

Generative AI (Generative AI)? An In-Depth Explanation!

What is Generative AI (Generative AI)?

Generative AI is a type of AI that uses machine learning to generate new data. It is best to remember it as "AI that creates something new.

There are many things that generative AI can create, but the most common types of AI are those that generate the following

  1. text
  2. images
  3. programming code

There are also other generative AIs that specialize in data formatting or in composing music.

Generative AI is said to be the most actively developed AI genre today, and a variety of AI is expected to appear in the future.

Know how generative AI (Generative AI) works

To get the most out of generative AI (Generative AI), it is important to understand how it works.

Overview of Generative Models and Principle of Operation

The backbone of generative AI is an AI model called a "generative model.

Generative models are built by learning patterns and relationships from given teacher data using deep learning and other methods. Then, commands entered by the user are used to generate data based on the generative model.

What determines the performance of a generative model

Generative models use statistical learning algorithms to model the probability distribution of data, using architectures such as deep neural networks (DNNs) and adversarial generative networks (GANs).

The characteristics of each are as follows

  • DNN: neural network with multiple hidden layers and the ability to learn nonlinear patterns in the data
  • GAN: has two networks, called generators and discriminators, that compete with each other to generate data

In generative AI, the behavior will vary depending on which architecture is used.

But even more important is, "What kind of dataset and how large a volume of it are you using to learn?" For example, an image-generating AI may use a large amount of data to train an Asian AI. For example, the type of images that can be generated by an image generation AI will be completely different depending on whether it uses model data specialized for Asian images or model data specialized for anime images.

What is the difference between generative AI (generative AI) and interactive AI?

Generative AI and interactive AI are both areas of artificial intelligence, but they serve different purposes. Generative AI aims to create new data, such as text, images, or code. Interactive AI aims to talk to humans, follow human instructions, or mimic human behavior.

However, recent AI services include generative AI with an interactive interface and interactive AI may also have generative capabilities.

Major Generative AI (Generative AI) Services

Image Generation AI


DALL-E is an image-generating AI service provided by Open AI, a company famous for its Chat GPT. By entering a description of an image, DALL-E uses AI to generate a variety of images, including people and landscapes.

DALL-E can be used free of charge, although there is a limit to the number of times you can use it, so it is the best service to experience what the image generation AI is like.

Generative AI (Generative AI) services

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