Summary of versatile phrases for ChatGPT & Bing Chat

Sometimes it is difficult to elicit a good response when using ChatGPT or Bing Chat. We have compiled a list of versatile phrases that can be easily used in such situations.

Posted at: 2023.4.19


Sometimes ChatGPT does not output all the contents in one response. In such cases, "continue/continue" can be used.

If your answer is cut off in the middle, just type "continue" and it will output the rest of the answer.

However, when answering with "continue", the sentences may be incorrect or the answers may not be correctly continuous, so if the answer is not answered properly, it is best to specify that the answer should be split at the point of the question.

Please answer in XX

ChatGPT and Bing Chat sometimes answer in English.

If you type "in French," they may give you an unclear answer, such as "I speak French.

So, if you type "Please answer in French from now on," they will answer in French for the rest of the conversation.

You are X

You are XX" is a popular topic on social networking sites that instructs the respondents to act as if they are XX.

It is also possible to make them act as an expert in something, and just by specifying this, such as a masculine or idol-like way of speaking, the answers will change considerably.

However, this is only used for "the way you speak" and "the classification of what you answer," so asking this question does not increase the level of expertise in ChatGPT or Bing Chat.

It is only a device to increase accuracy.

Give me 000 of them.

When you want more than one idea or list to be answered, use "Give me 000".

It does not always give you the number of responses you specify, and if you get to a number that ChatGPT & Bing Chat cannot output, such as 1,000, the responses will be split up or duplicated.

It is a good rule of thumb to specify a number between 10 and 30.

In 000 characters

ChatGPT will answer appropriately at its own discretion, but if you specify "in 000 characters", it will answer in the number of characters you specify.

However, it does not always mean the exact number of characters, and there are cases where the answer exceeds the specified number of characters, so this is just a guideline.

Step-by-step instructions for XXX

Sometimes when you ask a question about something, you want to know it step by step. In such cases, you can specify "step-by-step procedure" and it will give you the answer in a form similar to a bulleted list.


When there are multiple answers to a question, a list format is more visible.

In such a case, you can use "List XX" or "Table" for better visibility.

If you use a table format, you can also copy and paste it into Excel or other applications.


This is an idea that leads to prompt engineering, but it is a phrase that improves the accuracy of the answers that ChatGPT/Bing Chat gives.

By adding restrictions to the answers, such as "but exclude XX" or "but follow the rules in the list below," you are more likely to get the answers you are aiming for.

in a situation where ...

Although interactive AI generates appropriate answers based on the context before and after, it may give off-target answers when it does not know the context before and after, which is its precondition.

The phrase "... in such a situation" eliminates such instability.

For example, "In a situation where trouble related to XX has occurred, write an e-mail of apology," etc. If you specify what kind of sentence you want in what kind of situation, the accuracy will improve.

Don't use XXX.

This is a way to specify conditions such as words you do not want used when generating responses.

For example, in the case of Bing chat with internet access, you can specify, "However, please do not use articles from as a source." you can limit the sources of information.


When GPT generates answers, it understands and generates the history of past conversations, so if the back and forth of a conversation is not read correctly, it may not lead to the correct answer.

In that case, you can "reset it" and it will understand it as a new sentence. However, since we do not know how GPT judges past conversations, there are cases in which ordering "reset" does not reset the conversation.

If GPT inevitably refers to past conversations, it is best to create a new conversation and retype it.

Brush up X times.

Interactive AI tries to give the right answer once, but that is not always optimal. Usually, the input person himself/herself needs to examine the answer carefully and guide it in the best direction, but this is an attempt to let the interactive AI do even that itself.

If you put "brush up X times by yourself to improve accuracy" in the created instructions (prompts), it will generate multiple outputs with a single response and brush up on its own.

However, this is not a universal prompt phrase, as it may not brush up on some content, or it may not be possible to brush up further on some content.

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