How to proofread text and check for errors with ChatGPT and its advantages and disadvantages

文Proofreading is a very time-consuming task, but by hiring ChatGPT, you can save a lot of stress, time, and most importantly, money.

Posted at: 2023.4.21

Flow of text proofreading and error checking using ChatGPT

The procedure for proofreading sentences using ChatGPT is as follows

  1. enter "proofread the following text" or "point out the following mistakes" followed by the text to be proofread
  2. ChatGPT analyzes and evaluates the text
  3. check ChatGPT's evaluation and make improvements if necessary
  4. repeat (1) to (3) several times

The important thing is to have the proofreading process done more than once. However, consider that the more times the calibration is performed, the more the quality of the ChatGPT proposal may decrease.

Benefits of using ChatGPT to proofread text and check for errors

Saves time and resources

Text proofreading is a task that requires a lot of time and effort. However, by having ChatGPT do the proofreading for you, you can save a great deal of time and ultimately human resources involved in the proofreading process.

Also, human proofreaders tend to make human errors, but by having ChatGPT do the basic proofreading and then having a human check the final proofreading, you can reduce errors and save time more efficiently.

Speedy text proofreading

Compared to the time it takes to get a response from a human proofreader, text proofreading with ChatGPT is extremely speedy. In some cases, a response can be obtained within seconds or even tens of seconds.

The immediate result of proofreading means that you can move on to the next task immediately, which leads to increased productivity.

Disadvantages of using ChatGPT to proofread text and check for mistakes

Mistakes can be made.

Since ChatGPT generates answers based on training data, it may not be able to proofread properly if there is no appropriate training data in line with the content of the text, if the length of the text is extremely short, or if it is difficult to understand the back and forth relationship between sentences. The accuracy and certainty of proofreading is still not as good as that of human proofreading experts.

Also, ChatGPT does not support real-time information, so it tends to generate incorrect information when the source of trained data is old.

However, considering the fact that ChatGPT can calibrate quickly, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, even if some mistakes are made.

It is important to ask for proofreading work with the understanding that "ChatGPT proofreading can make mistakes.

It cannot handle sensitive or personal information.

ChatGPT cannot handle confidential or personal information because it uses user input as training data in some cases.

Therefore, you should avoid having ChatGPT proofread sensitive or personal information sentences.

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