What is Prompt Engineering? Advantages and Disadvantages

What is "prompt engineering" in interactive AI? Its advantages and disadvantages are explained in detail. Why is prompt engineering attracting attention now? The future potential of learning prompt engineering will also be explained.

Posted at: 2023.4.7

What is prompt engineering?

Prompt engineering for interactive AI refers to the design of a set of text or speech phrases that are used to guide the dialogue between the user and the AI. This approach helps the AI system accurately and effectively understand the user's request or question and generate an appropriate response.

Definition of Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering in AI refers to the generation of appropriate responses based on input prompts (instruction words) in artificial intelligence sentence generation and task automation.

Simply put, the definition of prompt engineering is "developing imperative sentences that are easily understood by AI.

Prompt engineering has two main objectives.

  1. to make AI give the expected answer
  2. to make the process of asking AI to do something more efficient

Although today's AI has become so powerful that it was unthinkable in the past, it is still not always able to perform the same level of tasks that humans process.

By devising ways to address such weaknesses in AI, we can make better use of AI.

Why Prompt Engineering Gains Attention

AI prompt engineering is gaining attention for the following reasons

  1. advances in natural language processing: advances in AI technology have enabled more natural language processing and more natural dialogue with prompts
  2. advances in text generation technology: advances in AI technology have improved text generation technology, enabling the generation of a wider variety of prompts
  3. more efficient information retrieval: Prompt engineering allows users to quickly and easily find the information they want, leading to more efficient information retrieval
  4. personalized interaction: Prompt engineering can automatically generate prompts and interact with users according to the information they need, thus enabling more personalized interaction
  5. business applications: Prompt engineering is also useful in business and is expected to be used for customer interaction and marketing.

For these reasons, AI prompt engineering is one of the technologies currently attracting attention and is expected to evolve further in the future.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prompt Engineering


Prompt engineering has several advantages, but the two greatest advantages are

  1. improved accuracy of AI response content
  2. increased productivity

Current interactive AI has the following problems: it sometimes answers incorrect information, sometimes does not give the desired answer, and sometimes the back-and-forth relationship becomes incorrect when the conversation is divided into multiple conversations. These problems can be addressed by changing the "way of asking questions" to narrow the range of answers that AI can give and get closer to the desired answers.

Interactive AI can perform various tasks with simple commands, but if it gives unsatisfactory answers no matter how much it tries, it will end up saying, "It would be faster if I did the work myself. By improving the accuracy of the interactive AI's answers, you can make the work with the interactive AI more efficient.


On the other hand, prompt engineering also has disadvantages.

  1. the quality of the same prompt is uneven
  2. accuracy does not make it perfect

Interactive AI is essentially "giving the most plausible answer" to a command sentence. Therefore, the same prompt may not always have exactly the same content because it gives a "plausible answer" each time. This is a disadvantage for "engineering.

Also, no matter how much the accuracy of the prompt is improved, the accuracy of the answer will be limited to the upper limit of the accuracy of the AI itself, so mastering the prompt does not guarantee a perfect answer, and the AI itself needs to evolve in order to obtain a perfect answer.

The Future of Prompt Engineering for Interactive AI

Prompt engineering is becoming increasingly important as advances in natural language processing technology allow AI systems to analyze vast amounts of data and extract patterns. This allows AI systems to identify the words and phrases needed to generate appropriate answers to questions about a particular topic.

In the future, prompt engineering will become increasingly important for AI systems to achieve more sophisticated, flexible, and natural interactions.

Prompt engineering can also help AI systems perform more complex tasks. For example, it is expected to be used in a wide variety of fields, such as medical diagnosis, legal advice, and educational support.

In this sense, there will be advantages to learning prompt engineering.

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